Does Green Tea Cure Cancer?

Does Green Tea Cure Cancer?

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Well, that depends. Clinical trials have been promising for benefits of green tea towards prostate cancer. A study published in the journal, Cancer Research, showed green tea to be an effective means to reduce or even reverse pre-malignant prostate cells.

Green tea has also demonstrated a means to lowering PSA’s. Plus, this is done without the harmful side effects of drugs.

What is in green tea that is helpful with cancer? Green tea has what are called catechins. These catechins from the tea extract slow or inhibit the pathway in not only prostate, but also breast cancer.

I could bore you with the chemical mechanisms and why green tea has been found to be beneficial in fighting cancer, but I won’t. I encourage you to do your research and consult your doctor if considering green tea as an added treatment.

By the way, the typical green tea dosage is 3 cups per day.

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Does Green Tea Cure Cancer?

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